First Baptist Church Worcester

A welcoming and affirming church.
A safe space for all.
Worship at 10am.
111 Park Avenue Worcester, MA
Our doors may be closed due to the pandemic,
but our hearts remain open. Come join us online.

We are vital to one another, and we are partners in the expanding work of God’s Spirit.
We are on this journey together, and we each have a role in this story.

Rev. Brent NewberryPastor

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are holding services and church-wide events online. As infection rates fall and the weather improves, we are are exploring outdoor services as well. For the majority of the pandemic, we have chosen to reevaluate our situation on a quarterly basis which we felt provided all of us—pastors, leaders, and congregants—an opportunity to step out of a reactive posture and settle into a rhythm and practice of faith together. As things improve, our COVID Task Force is meeting every month to update our guidelines and expand the conditions that will allow us to meet in person, either inside or outside the building for worship services. The priority that informs our process is inspired by our inclusive beliefs. We profess that everybody is somebody to God and to us. Therefore, whenever we ultimately reconvene in-person gatherings, it will be when everybody is safe to return together. In the meantime, Sunday services will be broadcast on Facebook Live and Zoom, and other services and events will be held via Zoom. Email is the best way to get in contact with the church office and pastors during this time.

From time to time in our streamed Sunday services you may see music that has been pre-recorded in the sanctuary. This does involve singers and musicians playing together. Such recordings are made with the utmost safety precautions, using social distancing and safe sanitizing practices. As the we navigate the path from having no in-person services to resuming collective worship services, we are considering small in-person events in the sanctuary. For these events, the following guidelines are being followed:

  • A maximum of 5 people (including Pastor Brent)
  • Negative COVID test within 72hrs before event for each person
  • Agreement to socially distance and wear masks
  • Agreement to adhere to named people only attending
  • Agreement to supply names and contact info of those attending

You are essential—to God and to us.


Sundays at 10am


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We are a community of believers who seek to grow in our faith and understanding as we live the Way of Jesus Christ.

We are a diverse community of people seeking to follow the Way of Jesus Christ. We are old, young and middle-aged; conservative, liberal and free spirits; gay, straight and uniquely ourselves; new immigrants and many-generation Worcesterites; dreamers, learners, artists, thinkers and do-ers.

We come together to share worship, lively conversations, stimulating projects, laughter, joys and tears. We argue and make up. We reach out to each other when we are in need.

Ready to worship? Join us online!